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 Valley Technologies, Inc. VT-4000 64-Core Compact PCI Processor Board






GTDigital® Engineering Technical Talks

Schedule a talk for your company or school today! GTDigital talks are available on topics including system design, quality management, design using DSP hardware, EMI/EMC testing, and proven engineering project management methods used by successful corporations. Contact me for further information.



Project Design Resources for Students and Engineers

Articles about Project Management, Analog and Digital Design, Design Verification, and Test Resources. Six Sigma Best Practices Tutorial.



Slides: Product Development Methodologies for Success!

Link to slides presented by J. Bellott at Perdue University, WVU, North Jersey IEEE Computer Society, Trenton Computer Fair, Princeton/Central Jersey SPS, Rockford IL IEEE Section.

Successful companies follow methodologies to produce products on-time and in-budget that meet customer needs and expectations. This talk describes methodologies that lead to successful achievement of these goals to produce quality products in the eyes of the customer. Quality is defined by several parameters to meet customer needs and expectations, including time of availability, price, features, reliability, and maintainability. A typical consumer product is designed to last four years without failure. Other products may be more costly and designed using parts and manufacturing techniques that make them impervious to failure for decades. Examples are medical apparatus and telecommunication switches.



Slides: Architectures for Parallel Computing and Math Acceleration

Also entitled “System on a Chip (SoC) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Architectures.” Talk is about Multiprocessor Buses and the NVIDEA Turing 102 GPU.



Engineering Career Summary



Projects Video

Shows some of the products J. Bellott, MSEE has worked on. Work on many involved new product requirements for boards, an IC, and software; design specifications, circuit board design, system and EMI/EMC plus environmental testing. Projects included:


AT&T Accunet X.25 Network Access CPU

AT&T Definity PBX Components and Testing

AT&T PC Memory Design and OEM Part Qualification

Bell Labs DSP Circuit Boards for Cellphones and Pagers

2GBPS Fiber to the Basement Broadband Switch

64-Core CPU Compact PCI Circuit Board

GTDigital Industrial Control and Monitoring Microcontroller



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20th Century AT&T - Bell Labs Video

Short video about AT&T in the 20th Century. Alexander Graham Bell lived to see

the invention of the transistor in 1947 – a revolution in technology.






Christian Books by Jerry Bellott


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