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Article: Future Fit

“We were created to live in the past, present, and future. We need only be wise people of faith.”

(Secular concepts such as “Future Shock” and our incompatibility with the future are a myth.)



Book Synopsis: Faith in Genesis 1

Our omnipotent God created the world as it is recently according to the Bible.

This article explains the intentional blessings of a “world in progress,”

among them the ability to study the intentional created past to understand
the laws of science and how the earth will age into the future.






About Books by J. Bellott


J. Bellott, MSEE researched, wrote, and illustrated with photographs the books on this page which are now out of print. These eight editions were available on Amazon. Two were Kindle eBooks, and six have been paperbacks. Paperback Edition 2 was released in both black and white and color versions. These editions were each re-published with updates and revisions in two consecutive years (“Ed.2,” 2018 and 2019). A book with a revised cover showing sand by the ocean and the stars above was released as Edition 3 in 2019 with a new title and scriptures containing the covenant with Abraham inside the front cover. A cost reduced abridged version for beginners was introduced in 2019 (“Ed 3, Abridged,” 2019).


Currently five 2020 book editions are available on Amazon.




3rd Edition, 2019





Abridged Version of 3rd Edition, 2019



Other Paperback Books in Order (Earlier Kindle eBooks below):



“Blessings of the Father”

1st paperback, penname “Gerald Hahn”






(Two revisions of this edition; 2018 and 2019 versions)




Color Edition

(Two revisions of this edition; 2018 and 2019 versions)




Kindle Edition, Vol. 1




Kindle Edition, Vol. 2





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